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Sandusky County Human Resources

Sandusky County Human Resources

Address: 622 Croghan, Fremont, Ohio 43420

Telephone: (419) 334-6101

Fax: (419) 334-6104

Email:  [email protected]

Office Hours: 8:00AM to 4:00PM Monday-Friday

Duties & Responsibilities of the Sandusky County Human Resources:

In January 1998, Sandusky County Commissioners decided to establish a Human Resource Department to assist Elected Officials in establishing uniformity – consistency and adherence to labor laws. Before this date, each Elected Official handled his or her own H.R. issues.

Sandusky County has approximately 625 employees who currently work out of twenty-eight different locations countywide. Sandusky County employs both classified and unclassified positions, which is governed by the Ohio Revised Code. A classified employee is protected by Ohio Civil Service laws; whereas unclassified employees serve “at the will” of his or her Elected Official.

Sandusky County has (4) Collective Bargaining agreements; Department of Job & Family Services; EMS Paramedics; Sheriff Command Officers; and Sheriff Deputies.

The Sandusky County Human Resource Office is comprised of a County Administrator, Human Resource Specialist II and a Clerical Specialist. The staff maintains core responsibilities in Human Resources, Risk Management & Employee Benefits.

The H.R. office prides itself in creating and implementing programs that are “employee friendly” and ultimately designed to minimize potential liability for Sandusky County.