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Sandusky County Soil & Water

Mission Statement:

To promote and enhance the efficient use of our natural resources and the preservation of our environment.

Vision Statement:

We envision a county that provides adequate drainage for both rural and urban residents and at the same time ensures water & soil quality.  Because in order to provide food and health for future generations and also to ensure a robust environment we must protect our valuable natural resources for future generations.


Soil and Water is funded by the County Commissioners from appropriations and then those funds are matched by the state. 

Board of Supervisors:

Chairman: Scott Chalfin
Vice Chairman: Dusten Watson
Secretary-Treasurer: Dave Warner
Member: Jacob Younker
Member: Don Binger

USDA-Natural Resources ConservationPhone: 419-334-6330

Becky Duncan, District Conservationist - extension 2954

For the most up to date information on Board of Supervisors meetings,

please visit the Sandusky County Soil and Water Conservation District’s website 

 For more information visit - Soil and Water Web Page

Sandusky County Soil & Water and Ditch Maintenance


2000 Countryside Drive, Suite A
Fremont, Ohio 43420

Soil & Water
Phone: 419-334-6324
Meagan Grammer - District Program Administrator
Cobi Brough- District Technician
Beth Anne Hermes - WLEB Nutrient Management Technician

Hours: 7:30 to 4:00 Monday thru Friday

Meeting Minutes