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Sandusky County Employment

How to Apply for a County Job

Sandusky County Human Resources only accepts applications for positions that are currently posted. 

If an individual wishes to apply for a posted position, they must submit a completed application and EEO form  to the Sandusky County Human Resource Office by the deadline. To apply, complete the employment application below, save it to your local computer, attach and email the completed document to [email protected]. Applications can also be submitted by fax to 419-334-6104 or in person to Sandusky County Human Resources, 622 Croghan Street, Fremont, Ohio 43420. Sandusky county does not catalog applications or resumes for future openings. 


***Applications and EEO forms are also available at the Human Resources Office, 622 Croghan Street, Fremont, Ohio 43420***
Current Job Openings as of February 20, 2024

Kennel Worker I (Dog Kennel) Part-Time - Maintains and cleans kennel; mops floors; cleans restrooms and showers; cleans and disinfects kennel area; washes feeding pans; feeds and waters dogs; transports animals to local veterinarian; performs periodic inspections of facility and equipment.  Assists with maintaining records and reports (e.g. dogs impounded, sold, released and destroyed and monies collected); enters dog tags on computer; collects fees for selling dogs, dog tags and releasing impounded dogs. Deadline:  February 27, 2024 or until position is filled.

Real Estate Clerk (Auditor's Office) Full-Time
- Duties include preparing and entering real estate transfers on computer; checking property deeds, submitting applications and conveyance forms. Calculating taxes and preparing tax bills, CAUV forms, etc.; generating new appraisal cards, handling deed transfers.  Collecting conveyance and transfer fees; handling tax complaints; retrieving and forwarding tax appraisals for realtors.  Performing clerical work (e.g., typing, filing, etc.); issuing dog tags and licenses, collecting fees, and issuing receipts; preparing pay-ins; balancing receipt book and cash drawer daily.  Deadline: February 27, 2024 or until position is filled.

Male or Female Juvenile Detention Officer Full-Time or Part-Time - This entry-level professional position performs duties related to the detention of juvenile offenders in a secure facility.  NO EXPERIENCE OR DEGREE REQUIRED.  If applying for the part-time position, please note on the application and every effort will be made to assign those in part-time to a specific shift on specific days.  Deadline:  Posted until position is filled.

Community Service Youth Worker (JJC) - Full-Time - This entry-level professional position performs duties related to assisting court-ordered program participants in completing their community service requirements. No degree requirement.  Deadline:  Posted until position is filled.

Community Service Coordinator/Manager (JJC) Full-Time
- This individual performs duties related to managing the daily operation of the community service program and assists court-ordered program participants in completing their community service requirements.  No degree requirement.  Deadline:  Posted until position is filled.

JASPER School Program Facilitator (JJC) Full-Time
- This entry-level professional position performs duties related to assisting court-ordered program participants in completing their educational requirements and life skills training.  No degree requirement.  Deadline:  Posted until position is filled.

District Technician (Soil & Water) Full-Time
- Responsible for providing technical assistance on conservation and natural resource planning and development initiatives.  Provides technical and engineering assistance to Sandusky County residents and units of government.  Assists with agricultural and residential group drainage projects; Conducts engineering surveys, soil/site investigations, recommends needs and feasibility.  Records filed notes; prepares designs for review and approval; checks construction phases and inspects completed projects.  Deadline:  March 1, 2024 or until filled.  

Male Juvenile Detention Officer (JJC) Full-Time
- This entry level professional position performs duties related to the detention of juvenile offenders in a secure facility. This line officer reports to the Sergeant or Officer in Charge. Training for this position is on-the-job and lasts approximately 200 hours.  Deadline:  January 22, 2024 or until filled

Social Services Worker 4 - Treatment Foster Care (DJFS) - Full-Time
- This specialized position will be responsible for working closely with potential and licensed treatment resource families.  This will include targeted recruitment and tracking of treatment and family foster/adoptive homes by various means and methods including, but not limited to, social media blitz, public campaigns, and advertising.  This position will be responsible for coordinating, planning, and hosting community awareness and orientation events.  This position will process and track all foster/adopt inquires; responding with a follow up phone call within 24 hours, when possible, and no later than 3 business days to set up face-to-face contact to discuss foster care and adoption and provide the information.  Deadline:  January 8, 2024 or until filled.

Social Services Worker 2/3 (DJFS) - Full-Time
- Team members provide safety assessments and case management, counseling, and supportive services to abused, neglected and/or dependent children and their families.  Our team works closely with our strong community partners.  Team members ensure child safety, permanency, and the well-being of families.  Our team members are highly adaptable to change, flexible, and creative to meet multiple deadlines and want to make a difference in the lives of children and families in Sandusky County.  Additional details can be described in an interview.  Deadline:  January 8, 2024 or until filled.

IT Administrative Assistant (IT) Full-Time
- Answers the telephone and greets county departments and vendors to elicit information ensuring inquiries are directed to the proper destination; manages the IT employee work calendar to ensure time management; arranges and prioritizes appointments based on priority; completes project tracking for the department; composes routine correspondence; reviews documents for accuracy; operates and maintains office equipment.  Sorts, opens, and forwards department mail to proper destination.  Assists in maintenance and updates basic IT related databases; works with county departments and vendors for equipment quotes; obtains purchase orders; orders equipment.  Troubleshoots basic hardware and software problems and makes or initiates corrections; assists in troubleshooting and resolves operating problems on the network; reviews notification alert report for critical issues.  Deadline:  December 18, 2023 or until filled.

Housekeeper II (Facility Management) Part-Time
- Performs routine custodial tasks, e.g., delivers stock to various locations; picks up supplies; sweeps, dust mops and wet mops floors, washes walls, windows, doors, mirrors, etc.; cleans and sanitizes bathrooms, kitchens and other facilities; moves and rearranges furniture; hangs and takes down curtains; empties trash receptacles.  Operates high-speed buffer, power scrubber and wet/dry vacuum for stripping, waxing and buffing of facility floors; assists supervisor with scheduling of floor refinishing.  Deadline:  December 13, 2023 or until filled.

Female Corrections Officer (Sheriff) Full-Time - Conducts security inspections of facility as assigned; inspects assigned areas, cells and inmate living areas for presence of contraband and security; inspects incoming and outgoing inmate mail. Performs intake processing (e.g., receiving, booking, photographing and fingerprinting persons committed to jail); prepares various inmate records; searches newly committal and work release inmates entering and leaving facility; releases inmates as required; returns personal property; checks all records of incarceration to ensure completion, correctness; forwards for file storage. Distributes medication to inmates as directed; continuously monitors inmates' activities to ensure well-being and health.  Deadline:  July 20, 2023 or until filled.

Communications Deputy - Full-Time (Sheriff's Office)
- Answers telephone and radio requests for assistance and information; relays information by radio, telephone to proper or selected agency or jurisdiction; receives complaints and prepares reports; operates and maintains audio recording equipment for all communications equipment.  Requests and receives information on various law enforcement and criminal record data.  Maintains log of all communication traffic and activity; documents times of all dispatching, arrival times, actions advised and departures.  Deadline:  June 5, 2023 or until filled.

Road Patrol Deputy-Sheriff's Department-Full-time-Patrols assigned area to maintain order, responds to emergency calls and citizen complaints, enforces traffic laws. Deadline to apply is 04/28/2022 or until filled.

Corrections Deputy-Full-time-Sheriff's Department-Conducts security inspections of facility, performs intake processing; prepares various records. Deadline to apply is April 12, 2022 or until filled. 

Paramedics and EMTs-EMS-Full-time-Provides emergency medical assistance and advanced life support in conjunction with an M.D., D.O. or physician advisory board.
Deadline to apply is September 3, 2021 or until filled.




Please print and review Sandusky County’s Drug Free Workplace Policy prior to submitting your application for employment.