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Sandusky County Emergency Medical Services

Sandusky County Emergency Medical Services

Address: 2100 Countryside Place Fremont, Ohio 43420

Telephone: 419-332-7313 *** In case of an emergency please dial 911

Fax: 419-334-6511

Office Hours: 7:30am - 4:30pm

Email: Jeff Jackson - Chief  |  [email protected] 

 Website - Sandusky County EMS 

Duties & Responsibilities of the Sandusky County EMS (SCEMS):

Sandusky County Emergency Medical Services (SCEMS) originated in 1975 operating out of the General fund. In January 2006 Sandusky County EMS was taken out of the general fund and made a stand alone department. This was accomplished by the County Board of Commissioners placing a .25 % sales tax levy on the November 2005 ballot. We now use the sales tax plus revenues generated from transports to operate the system.

SCEMS has four stations / ambulances across 390 square miles of Sandusky County. These ambulances are responsible for all BLS and ALS transports generated from calls made to 911 (no private or scheduled transports). We also do mutual aid and rehab for all fire departments, Sandusky County Dive Team and Haz-Mat team.

The system consists of an EMS Director, (who reports to the Board of Commissioners), an EMS Clerical Specialist, 4 Captains and 20 paramedics. Each of the 4 stations consists of 6 paramedics one being a Captain. The paramedics work schedule is structured into three 24 hour shifts (24 hours on and 48 hours off).

Another important responsibility of SCEMS is maintaining good Public Relations with the citizens of Sandusky County. This is accomplished through various Public Relations the system does throughout the year. This can be anything from the Sandusky County fair to preschool class demonstrations with Andy the Ambulance.

2019 Annual Report

EMS Privacy Practices

EMS Privacy Practices Notice 2012 

EMS is now accepting Credit/Debit Cardand Electronic Check Payments
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