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     In 2012 the Sandusky County Engineer’s Office in conjunction with this Board of County Commissioners studied the matter of the creation of a Sandusky County Transportation 
     Improvement District (SCTID) which shall include all the territory and political subdivisions within the boundaries of Sandusky County, Ohio, to participate in a cooperative county-wide
     coalition to take advantage of the opportunities and benefits made available only through a Transportation Improvement District, to plan, construct and improve highways, roads,
     bridges, interchanges and accompanying capital improvements and developments throughout Sandusky County, and to establish the SCTID relative thereto, pursuant to and in
     compliance with section 5544.02 of the ORC, and,

    The structure of the board of trustees of the SCTID shall be in accordance with the alternative board of trustees structure for a transportation improvement district described in ORC
     section 5540.02(C) (2).  The structure of the board of trustees of the SCTID will consist of the following members: five members appointed by the Board of County Commissioners; one
     nonvoting member appointed by the Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives of the general assembly and one nonvoting member appointed by the President of the Senate of the
    general assembly.

     Board members       

     Voting Members: (5 members only T.I.D. ORC requirements)
     Bill Brown – Appointment Commissioners
     Carlos Baez, Sandusky County Engineer – Appointment Commissioners
     Beth Hannam, Sandusky County Engineer – Appointment Commissioners
     Theresa Garcia, Sandusky County Administrator – Appointment Commissioners
     Jerri Miller, Sandusky County Auditor – Appointment Commissioners

     Non-Voting Members:
     John Willey, Sandusky County Regional Planning - Appointment Ohio Senate
     Bob Gross, City of Fremont Administration – Appointment House of Representatives
     Russ Zimmerman, Sandusky County Commissioner – Commissioner Representative

     Draft Audit Report for the Sandusky County Transportation Improvement District Basic Audit for the audit period of 1/1/19 – 12/31/20

    Meetings for the Transportation Improvement Board are scheduled as needed